A Classic Mizrahi Tasting Menu

This year celebrate Rosh Hashana (Jewish New Year) with a chicken and rice forward menu of Mizrahi (Iraqi Jews) inspired classics. This menu highlights the traditional foods classic Jewish comfort foods: chicken, rice, pomegranates and beets. Your family doesn’t need to be Jewish to celebrate with this creative menu. This is a perfect menu for a Sunday supper, or a spin on a classic Shabbos supper!

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ChefBear Complete Meals - pomegranate stew

pomegranate stew

If you are considering a warm, comforting meal that is quick and bursting with flavor, try this yummy stew. It offers the aromatic herbs & spices typical of Middle Eastern dishes with juicy lamb, plenty of healthy veggies, split peas and brown rice.

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Middle Eastern
ChefBear Complete Meals - middle eastern salad

middle eastern salad

This incredibly simple and refreshing salad is perfect for simple summer suppers. The colorful combination of tomato, radishes, red pepper, cucumber and romaine lettuce pair perfectly with the tasty Middle- Eastern Salad Dressing.

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Middle Eastern
ChefBear Complete Meals - iraqi-style roast chicken & rice

iraqi-style roast chicken & rice

Elevate your usual chicken & rice recipe with my version of an Iraqi inspired, one-pot favorite. Slowly bake tender and juicy chicken with rice, veggies, and aromatic spices to perfection. This dish would make a delicious main course for a holiday or to make any weeknight special.

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Middle Eastern
ChefBear Complete Meals - dairy-free frosted chocolate cake

dairy-free frosted chocolate cake

Just because you are on a dairy-restrictive diet does not mean you can never enjoy yummy desserts again! My tempting chocolate cake is three luscious layers of chocolaty cake covered with the best fudge icing you ever tasted. Your whole family will be surprised that it is easy, dairy-free, and delicious!

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ChefBear Complete Meals - honig news year cocktail

honig news year cocktail

This sweet omage to the new year is apple and honey forward. This is one of my favorite cocktails for my Rosh Hashana menu.

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