Big Game Day Appetizer Buffet

Are you gearing up to host the party for this year's big game? Impress your family and friends with a delicious spread of classic sports party appetizers.

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ChefBear Complete Meals - ballpark style soft pretzels

ballpark style soft pretzels

Bring the classic taste of the baseball stadium to your house with my tasty pretzel recipe! They are ultimately tender, buttery, and sprinkled with just the right amount of saltiness. They are easy to make and are perfect with spicy mustard or zesty cheese sauce!

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ChefBear Complete Meals - real cheese queso

real cheese queso

This cheese sauce is loaded with tons of fresh pico de gallo, cheddar cheese and a hint of cream cheese. For a kick of heat add jalapenos as suggested or serve without if you’d like a milder sauce. Serve this queso with your favorite corn tortilla chips.

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ChefBear Complete Meals - chicken tinga tostadas

chicken tinga tostadas

In this tostada recipe, chicken thighs are cooked with onion, garlic, cumin, paprika, chipotle and served with a crunchy slaw. Use jalapenos or more chipotle if you are inclined to spicy food. Serve with hot sauce and salsa on the side.

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ChefBear Complete Meals - crunchy slaw

crunchy slaw

We substitute plain Greek yogurt for the mayonnaise in this lighter crunchy slaw. It is a perfect make ahead summer side.

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ChefBear Complete Meals - roasted medium salsa

roasted medium salsa

You will simply fall in love with this medium salsa in which 5 jalapeño peppers are roasted with Roma tomatoes, ancho chiles, bell peppers, chili powder, red onion, garlic, and lime. Don't worry about the heat level, the roasting of the chillies will temper the heat. If you are looking for a tasty salsa for your next Mexican feast then this recipe is for you.

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ChefBear Complete Meals - restaurant salsa

restaurant salsa

Make this restaurant style salsa for your next Mexican feast. Perfect for your tortilla or vegetable chips! Enjoy this along with our other easy Mexican recipes, perfect for beginners.

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ChefBear Complete Meals - tomatillo salsa

tomatillo salsa

The tangy and zingy flavor of tomatillos is spiked with jalapeno in this amazingly delicious salsa. Lime and lemon juice add even more tartness while the cumin, garlic, oregano, and onion add robust flavors. This is an excellent accompaiment to your next Mexican feast.

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