Ode To Pancakes

What could be more satisfying than a stack of homemade pancakes for breakfast? Try some of my favorite pancake recipes that are easy to make and bursting with flavor. Make a batch of my simple pancake mix to have on hand for whenever your family gets a craving. Pancakes are superb for brunch or even a quick dinner treat!

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ChefBear Complete Meals - pancake mix

pancake mix

This quick and easy pancake mix takes minutes to put together and lasts for up to three months! Mix with buttermilk, eggs, and fresh fruits to griddle your way to a great morning.

ChefBear Complete Meals - chocolate chip pancakes

chocolate chip pancakes

Make your family smile at the breakfast table with my quick & easy pancake recipe! Just imagine a warm, golden pancake chock full of melted chocolate chips! These are easy to make during busy weekday mornings or a relaxing brunch on the weekend.

ChefBear Complete Meals - strawberry & ricotta pancakes

strawberry & ricotta pancakes

Your little pancake fans are going to flip when they try this tasty pancake recipe! Ricotta makes the inside of each pancake light and fluffy while the outside stays delightfully crisp. Serve them with plenty of my easy homemade strawberry syrup.

ChefBear Complete Meals - dutch baby

dutch baby

Although these delicious, rustic pancakes are called “Dutch” babies, they originated in Germany. My yummy version is easy to make with tender apples and warm, sweet spices. They make the whole house smell heavenly and wakes everyone up quickly for breakfast.

ChefBear Complete Meals - crepes suzette

crepes suzette

Crepes Suzettes is an iconic dish of paper-thin pancakes that are broiled with a zesty orange butter. After preparing the crepes, spread them with the orange butter and fold them into triangles, and broil until lightly caramelized. They are a favorite dish of mine for breakfast or brunch.

ChefBear Complete Meals - 5 minute gluten free pancake

5 minute gluten free pancake

Even if you cannot have gluten, you can still enjoy delicious pancakes! My quick & tasty gluten-free version uses mashed banana and an egg to create a sweet, satisfying pancake. It is yummy and good for you.