A Christmas Treat - Eggnog

Eggnog is a cocktail and dessert in one glass! There is something about the rich, creamy froth and warm caramel-like spices that make the holidays brighter. Instead of buying a jug at the store this Christmas, why not try one of my quick & easy eggnog recipes? I have included a tasty recipe that is vegan-friendly. Raise a glass with friends and family and enjoy!

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ChefBear Complete Meals - traditional eggnog

traditional eggnog

Create your own holiday cheer this year with a creamy mug of homemade eggnog! The rich drink is sprinkled with warm winter spices and a splash of bourbon & spiced rum. Top it with fresh whipped cream and toast your family & friends in style.

ChefBear Complete Meals - triple cheer eggnog

triple cheer eggnog

Start a holiday tradition this year with my easy and delicious eggnog recipe. It has the rich, velvety taste of eggs, cream & milk blended with sweet spices. Give it a festive kick with cognac, Grand Marnier & bourbon. This classic cocktail makes an elegant presentation in mugs or champagne flutes.

ChefBear Complete Meals - vegan-style eggnog

vegan-style eggnog

Today’s vegans have a plethora of delicious substitutions, like my vegan-friendly eggnog. The silken tofu, soymilk, sweet spices & rum create an incredibly rich holiday beverage. It is so delicious, your non-vegan family & friends will enjoy it, too!