National Hamburger Month

Hamburgers are one of the most beloved sandwiches in America and have their own category in our cuisine. These delicious meat patties have also inspired our literature, art, and music. Everyone has their opinion on what toppings make the “perfect burger.” Although classic burger recipes use ground beef, innovative cooks from around the world put their own spin on the sandwich. Now, burger enthusiasts may find sensational recipes featuring different meats, savory spices, and globally-inspired toppings. Some of these recipes share new cooking techniques, as well as tasty vegetarian/vegan-friendly options. Why try some for National Hamburger Month?

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ChefBear Complete Meals - the pastrami burger

the pastrami burger

You will not be asking where the beef is on this burger champ! It features thick patties made with Ground sirloin, boneless short rib, and brisket. Plus, it has a stack of pastrami! Top it with melted Swiss cheese and a tangy slaw made from Napa cabbage and tart Champagne vinegar. It is a work of art on the grill.

ChefBear Complete Meals - the farmhouse burger

the farmhouse burger

You may have a problem lifting this loaded burger to your mouth! Grill up three juicy Ground chuck patties, and top them with four strips of crunchy bacon and a sunny-side-up egg. Then, add tangy cheese curds, tomato, pickles, onions, jalapenos, and a spread of peppery aioli. Can you open your mouth that wide?

ChefBear Complete Meals - the spamaholic burger

the spamaholic burger

Your next burger favorite may come from a can! This recipe features generous slices of Spam, crisp bacon, and a smiling sunny-side-up egg. Instead of serving the Spamaholic on a regular bun, serve this one on gooey grilled cheese sandwiches, made from Texas toast.

ChefBear Complete Meals - the ultimate italian burger

the ultimate italian burger

There is something about Italian cuisine that comforts our very being. When you make your burger Italian-style, you have a culinary hit! Try this rib-tickling recipe with lean beef that has been infused with Italian seasoning and grilled. Layer the patties with ricotta & mozzarella cheeses, and a savory spaghetti sauce. It all goes on a toasted garlic bun. Yum!

ChefBear Complete Meals - raman burger deluxe

raman burger deluxe

Experience a whole new level of burger variety with one tucked into a Raman noodle bun! The cooked noodles are mixed with egg, formed into a bun shape, then browned on the grill. It is an Asian-inspired burger with cheese, spicy Sriracha sauce, and a sunny-side-up fried egg.

ChefBear Complete Meals - best vegan burger

best vegan burger

Are you frustrated with meatless burgers that are squishy and fall apart on the bun? Say hello to your new “grill” friend. This vegan-friendly burger holds its shape with a mixture of rice, mushrooms, veggies, and plenty of flavorful spices. Serve it on a bun with your favorite melted vegan cheese and condiments.

ChefBear Complete Meals - cinnamon roll burger

cinnamon roll burger

Breakfast or Brunch will never be the same once you sample this over-the-top burger. It is easy to make with candied bacon grilled into canned cinnamon roll buns. The meat patties are flavored with a coffee dry rub, then grilled as you like. Stack the sweet/savory rolls with the burgers, cheese, and a sunny-side-up egg.

ChefBear Complete Meals - grilled shrimp burger

grilled shrimp burger

You can make a tasty burger out of any meat (or veggie combination), including seafood. This savory burger has pureed and chunks of fresh jumbo shrimp, molded together with breadcrumbs and aromatic spices. After the mixture is chilled, it keeps perfect shape on the grill. Serve your burgers on toasted onion rolls, with a dollop of homemade avocado aioli.