A Celebration of Bourbon

We have Kentucky thank for creating bourbon. When early distillers aged fiery corn liquor in charred oak barrels, the result was a warm, mellow spirit that is appreciated around the world. Bourbon is not just for delightful cocktails! Try these easy recipes that infuse the smoky, complex flavor nuances of bourbon into the meat, soup, vinaigrettes or tempting chocolate desserts.

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ChefBear Complete Meals - bourbon-style chili

bourbon-style chili

Are you bored with your usual chili recipe? Wait until you taste this mouthwatering version! It is infused with warm, earthy bourbon, zesty spices, hot peppers and a citrusy kiss of orange juice. Serve it for your next chili supper.

ChefBear Complete Meals - spinach salad with bourbon-infused vinaigrette

spinach salad with bourbon-infused vinaigrette

Salads are versatile enough to be served as appetizers, sides, or a light main course. This hearty salad amps up the flavor with crisp bacon, pecans, blue cheese and a delicious bourbon-infused vinaigrette.

ChefBear Complete Meals - chocolate bourbon tart

chocolate bourbon tart

The next time you crave chocolate, try this simply delicious tart! The chocolaty pastry is filled with a delicate chocolate custard infused with a hint of smoky bourbon. You may not be able to stop at one slice!

ChefBear Complete Meals - apple-bourbon barbecue ribs

apple-bourbon barbecue ribs

Barbecue ribs are the quintessential dish for backyard barbecues and family reunions. Surprise your family & guests with this elevated recipe that infuses the meat with a smoky apple-bourbon sauce. Every mouthwatering bite is a tender piece of heaven!

ChefBear Complete Meals - mint julip

mint julip

Whether or not you live in Kentucky, you can enjoy this classic Derby drink by the pitcher! Prepare a mint simple syrup, add bourbon and plenty of crushed ice. A Mint julip is delicious after a meal or a refreshing while lounging by the pool.

ChefBear Complete Meals - pork roast glazed with honey & bourbon

pork roast glazed with honey & bourbon

Honey brings out the natural sweetness of pork, so it makes the perfect glaze for this scrumptious recipe. Imagine a succulent pork loin roast glazed with honey, mustard seed, savory bacon & smoky bourbon! It makes an impressive and elegant presentation.