A Holiday Classic - Fruitcake

One of the most iconic Christmas desserts is fruitcake. Delicious, homemade fruitcake is nothing like the tasteless bricks sold in the supermarket around December. Like traditional recipes, my versions are chock full of sweet dried fruit, crunchy nuts and a generous splash of rum for a moist texture. Try one of these fruitcake recipes as the highlight of your holiday dessert table.

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ChefBear Complete Meals - classic holiday fruitcake

classic holiday fruitcake

Once you try this easy fruitcake recipe, you will forget about the bland store-bought variety with the gummy, florescent fruit bites. This cake is loaded with tasty dried fruit and crunchy pecans. A dash of rum ages it to tender, moist perfection.

ChefBear Complete Meals - modern fruitcake

modern fruitcake

Remember the dried- out bricks that people used to call fruitcake in holidays past? Try this delicious cake recipe and you will fall in love with the often- maligned dessert. It is moist and flavorful, with tender dried fruit, crunchy nuts, and a kiss of rum. This fruitcake won’t be re-gifted 100 times!

ChefBear Complete Meals - christmas stollen

christmas stollen

Christmas Stollen is the iconic Bavarian bread baked only for Christmas. It has many of the same ingredients of fruitcake; however, the Stollen has a more tender crumb and the candied fruit is plump with flavor. It has a light, buttery glaze and makes the house smell gloriously like Christmas as it is baking. If you are looking for fancy recipes for a holiday dinner this one would be a great pick.