Peanut Butter - A Step On The Savory Side

If sandwiches and cookies are the limits of peanut butter’s travels in your kitchen, expand your horizons with our globally-inspired Savory Peanut Butter recipes.

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ChefBear Complete Meals - chicken satay

chicken satay

Spicy peanut marinade is the perfect match for these restaurant-style Thai chicken tenders. This versatile recipe works for tofu as well for a vegetarian version. A simple crunchy salad is a cooling counterpoint to the chicken satay. Looking for easy and tasty weeknight meal ideas? This recipe is for you.

ChefBear Complete Meals - garlic peanut sauce

garlic peanut sauce

Whip up this delicious sauce the next time you prepare an Asian-inspired meal. The flavors of fried garlic, shallots, zesty herbs & spices, peanuts, and a hint of shrimp all stand out but don’t over shine each other. Use it as a dipping sauce or drizzle it over rice to take the flavor experience to the next level.

ChefBear Complete Meals - west african peanut stew

west african peanut stew

This hearty and comforting peanut stew is both super quick and easy, featuring a bounty of tomatoes, collard greens, and sweet potatoes. This dish can be made completely vegetarian by simply omitting the chicken and chicken stock. Serve this stew with flat bread or steamed white rice.

ChefBear Complete Meals - sweet potato & peanut soup

sweet potato & peanut soup

Think peanut butter is just for sweets, think again. This soup is a savory spicy soup with the savory punch of peanut butter.

ChefBear Complete Meals - gourmet peanut butter and jelly sandwich

gourmet peanut butter and jelly sandwich

Instead of your usual PB&J, take it up a notch with this tasty recipe. Spread crunchy peanut butter on one slice of soft bread and your choice of sweet fruit jelly on the other. Grill your PB&J with a little butter in a pan until it is golden brown on both sides. Enjoy it with a cold glass of milk!