My Favorite Recipe Collections

These recipes are a collection of my favorite recipes featured in the CHEFBear app. Each of them has been curated and thoroughly tested so they are guaranteed to be both simple and delicious. These recipes are like having me in kitchen as your sous chef. These recipes a great way to find your next ideal recipe and at the same time expand both your food knowledge and palate.

Peanut Butter - A Step On The Savory Side Recipe Collection

Peanut Butter - A Step On The Savory Side

If sandwiches and cookies are the limits of peanut butter’s travels in your kitchen, expand your horizons with our globally-inspired Savory Peanut Butter recipes.

Brownies & Blondies - From Classic To Modern Twists Recipe Collection

Brownies & Blondies - From Classic To Modern Twists

Fresh baked goods, like brownies and blondies, make any regular day extraordinary. Bake up a batch of these decadent treats and share the joy.

A Savory Soup Collection Recipe Collection

A Savory Soup Collection

As the weather starts to turn chilly it is the time to fire up the soup kettle and make some soul-warming soup.

A Grain Of Rice? A Celebration Of Rice Recipe Collection

A Grain Of Rice? A Celebration Of Rice

There is no more universal food than rice, and every culture has an iconic rice recipe. These recipes celebrate rice as a side dish, the main course, and even dessert. We will travel from Italy and Spain to the Cajun bayou and India with this delicious grain.

My 12 Favorite Cocktails Recipe Collection

My 12 Favorite Cocktails

Are you planning a casual pool gathering or an elegant evening with cocktails & appetizers? Try these refreshing cocktail recipes!

12 Classic & Favorite Cocktails Recipe Collection

12 Classic & Favorite Cocktails

For drink service at your next gathering, I suggest keeping things simple. Limit the choice to a couple of varieties of beer & one of my quick & easy cocktail recipes. Most of these recipes can be made in pitchers for easy service. You will spend less time bartending and enjoying more time with family & friends.

BBQ & Grill Favorites Recipe Collection

Bbq & Grill Favorites

Take advantage of summer’s balmy weather and let me show you how to create tasty meals that are perfect for picnics and barbecues. My scrumptious barbecue collection features grilled delights that are simple enough for novices and flavorful enough for seasoned grillers. Discover how to combine sweet & savory herbs and spices for the ultimate barbecue flavor!

Summertime Treats Recipe Collection

Summertime Treats

Is summer’s heat leaving you parched & hungry? Try these chilly Summertime Treats! Here are some of my best summer treat recipes for you to share with your family. Make memories while you enjoy yummy homemade desserts!

Summer Time Favorite Pasta & Potato Salads Recipe Collection

Summer Time Favorite Pasta & Potato Salads

Warm breezes of summer remind you of the food & fun of picnics, reunions, and potluck feasts! If you are looking for some exciting side dishes, try some of my favorite pasta & potato salad recipes. This collection features unique flavor spins on these beloved dishes. Everyone will be asking for your recipe!

6 Festive Asparagus Recipes Recipe Collection

6 Festive Asparagus Recipes

These childhood reflections inspired my search for a collection of tasty asparagus-forward recipes! Each recipe features the tender, buttery stalks on their own or as a flavorful ingredient. For a delightful brunch idea, try steamed asparagus with my simple hollandaise sauce. However you enjoy it, asparagus is a delicious way to celebrate the spring & summer seasons.

10 Favorite & Creative Entree Salads Recipe Collection

10 Favorite & Creative Entree Salads

Here are some of my favorite salad recipes that you and your family will love! The garden-fresh ingredients, tasty proteins, and aromatic herbs & spices are ideal for sides or a light summer supper. Forget the bland iceberg mixes and treat your family to the elevated flavors of my salad recipes. Be sure to check out for more fresh summer meal ideas!

12 Favorite & Creative Beef Dishes Recipe Collection

12 Favorite & Creative Beef Dishes

Not only can beef be what’s for dinner, but it can be a star attraction in just about any meal! Take this versatile protein to the next level with 12 of my best beef recipes! They feature classic dishes as well as a few elevated surprises. Each one is crafted with the busy home cook in mind.

Easy Quick Breads Recipe Collection

Easy Quick Breads

What could be more comforting than the smell of homemade bread baking in the oven? With my innovative Easy Quick Breads Collection of recipes, you will discover how easy and satisfying it is to make fresh bread from everyday pantry ingredients. I have gathered a few of my favorite quick bread recipes for both savory and sweet varieties. Your family will adore each loaf!

7 Favorite & Creative Salsas Recipe Collection

7 Favorite & Creative Salsas

One of the many things I love about Mexican-style cuisine is its delicious array of savory sauces. If you are a Mexican food enthusiast, I have gathered some of my best zesty sauce recipes for your consideration. They feature fresh, authentic ingredients, are easy to make, and are over the top with flavor!

Fresh Spring Dishes Recipe Collection

Fresh Spring Dishes

Spring is in the air and it is time to consider tasty dishes loaded with the bounty of the season! I have gathered some of my Best Fresh Spring Dishes Ideas featuring fresh produce and tons of flavor. Savor a bowl of my Spring Onion Soup or a slice of zesty Spinach & Mushroom Quiche. Your family will love my Spring Chicken Ragu on a mound of pasta!

6 Great Beer Forward Recipes Recipe Collection

6 Great Beer Forward Recipes

From jovial biergartens of Germany to quaint British pubs, my Beer-Forward Menu offers a generous sampling of recipes for your pleasure! Try the savory Beer & Pastrami Sandwich with a few Beer-Batter Hush Puppies. My Fish & Chips is a British classic that pairs deliciously with Pub-Style Mac & Cheese or Oktoberfest Apple & Cheese Soup. It’s a boozy salute to our European neighbors!

7 Creative Pecan Favorite Recipes Recipe Collection

7 Creative Pecan Favorite Recipes

In the American South, the native pecan is featured in countless beloved dishes. April is designated as National Pecan Month, and I am excited to share some of my best pecan-forward recipes with you! From classic pecan desserts to savory veggie meatballs, these pecan recipes may become family favorites.

8 Classic Seafood Favorites Recipe Collection

8 Classic Seafood Favorites

I have searched the Seven Seas to find quick & easy recipes for some of your classic seafood dishes! Whether you crave shellfish dishes like succulent Lobster Mac & Cheese or savory Fried Linguine, you will find the fresh catch of the day in this recipe collection.

National Sauce Month - 8 Favorite Condiments Recipe Collection

National Sauce Month - 8 Favorite Condiments

Could you imagine some of your favorite foods without sauces or condiments? March is National Sauce Month and I am sharing some of my best & tastiest sauce recipes that I know you will love! From zesty adobo sauce, authentic Greek tzatziki, to spicy Creole mustard, this collection will build your repertoire of delicious sauces for any occasion.

National Peanut Month - 7 Creative Recipes Recipe Collection

National Peanut Month - 7 Creative Recipes

Although peanuts are legumes and not true nuts, they are still considered one of the world’s favorite “nuts”. Since March is National Peanut Month, I have gathered some of my best globally-inspired peanut recipes for you to try. From hearty Mexican Chicken Mole to savory West African Peanut Stew, to an All-American Pan-Fried Peanut Butter & Apple Sammy, the peanut reigns supreme!

National Noodle Month - Celebrate Our Favorite Carb Recipe Collection

National Noodle Month - Celebrate Our Favorite Carb

March is National Noodle Month and you can celebrate deliciously with my quick & easy noodle-forward recipes! Enjoy international flavors with a Singapore Noodle dish or a comforting Jewish noodle kugel. From Hawaiian Pasta Salad to zesty Mushroom Orzo or Rotisserie Chicken Casserole, your family can have oodles of noodles for any meal!

Easy Hot Breakfast Ideas Recipe Collection

Easy Hot Breakfast Ideas

If your mornings are chaotic and you are tired of serving sugar-laden cereals for breakfast, have hope! My smart breakfast recipe ideas are quick, easy to make, and provide your family with warm, yummy options. Here are some of my favorite hot breakfast ideas that you can create in a snap!

Ode To Pancakes Recipe Collection

Ode To Pancakes

What could be more satisfying than a stack of homemade pancakes for breakfast? Try some of my favorite pancake recipes that are easy to make and bursting with flavor. Make a batch of my simple pancake mix to have on hand for whenever your family gets a craving. Pancakes are superb for brunch or even a quick dinner treat!

Homemade Snack Foods Recipe Collection

Homemade Snack Foods

Just because you want to maintain a healthy diet & lifestyle does not mean you must give up snacking! Making some of your favorite homemade snack foods from scratch allows you to forgo chemical additives & preservatives. Homemade treats are far superior to the ones in the supermarket. Try my fun & delicious snack recipes and feel good about snacking again!

Creative Potato Favorites Recipe Collection

Creative Potato Favorites

For most of the world, potatoes are one of the most versatile vegetables known. My smart potato-forward recipes elevate the humble spud in scrumptious dishes your whole family will enjoy! Whether they are fried, baked, stewed or mashed, potatoes are a beloved comfort food for creative cooks & families.

National Baking Month Recipe Collection

National Baking Month

Celebrate National Baking Month this January with some of my tempting baking recipes! They are not hard to make and require simple ingredients you have in the pantry. Baking cookies and other yummy desserts are an ideal way to teach kids basic culinary skills.

Creative Egg Recipes Recipe Collection

Creative Egg Recipes

Eggs are one of nature’s perfect foods because they are tasty, versatile, inexpensive and full of nutrients. They can stand alone as a scrumptious dish or as a leavening agent for baked goods. If your family are egg fans, you will want to try my unique collection of egg recipes. From savory deviled eggs to classic Eggs Benedict, these recipes will give you a new appreciation for the humble egg.

Soups & Homemade Stocks Recipe Collection

Soups & Homemade Stocks

One of the earliest comfort foods developed was soup, which spread as unlimited flavors & varieties across the globe. Allow me to share some of my easy & tasty soup recipes for your consideration. They use common ingredients and are bursting with flavor. Soup feeds a lot of people and can be frozen in batches for another meal.

Easy & Creative Slow Cooker Recipes Recipe Collection

Easy & Creative Slow Cooker Recipes

When you are a busy parent, your slow cooker can be your best friend. Save time and enjoy delicious & nutritious meals with my simple slow cooker recipes. With common ingredients and minimal prep work, most of these dishes are one-pot dinners that your whole family will enjoy. Some of the recipes freeze well and can be defrosted for tasty meals on the quick.

National Bacon Month Recipe Collection

National Bacon Month

Bring home the bacon with my collection of easy & yummy bacon recipes! The precious pork product lends smoky goodness to savory recipes and a satisfying salty crunch to desserts. Enjoy all these bacon-forward dishes with your family and watch the smiles!

A World Of Christmas Cookies Recipe Collection

A World Of Christmas Cookies

Many beloved childhood memories were inspired by helping to make Christmas cookies. You probably have family recipes that have been handed down for generations. No matter the style, there is something about Christmas cookies that is comforting and make you smile. This holiday season, try some of my easy and tasty cookie recipes. They are sure to be added to your list of favorites. Remember to leave some for Santa!

A Christmas Treat - Eggnog Recipe Collection

A Christmas Treat - Eggnog

Eggnog is a cocktail and dessert in one glass! There is something about the rich, creamy froth and warm caramel-like spices that make the holidays brighter. Instead of buying a jug at the store this Christmas, why not try one of my quick & easy eggnog recipes? I have included a tasty recipe that is vegan-friendly. Raise a glass with friends and family and enjoy!

A Holiday Classic - Fruitcake Recipe Collection

A Holiday Classic - Fruitcake

One of the most iconic Christmas desserts is fruitcake. Delicious, homemade fruitcake is nothing like the tasteless bricks sold in the supermarket around December. Like traditional recipes, my versions are chock full of sweet dried fruit, crunchy nuts and a generous splash of rum for a moist texture. Try one of these fruitcake recipes as the highlight of your holiday dessert table.

No Matter How The Cookie Crumbels  Recipe Collection

No Matter How The Cookie Crumbels

No matter the shape or flavor, cookies are ideal desserts and snacks. Since October is National Cookie Month, keep your cookie jar full with my scrumptious cookie recipes! They are easy to make and will keep your family smiling all month! Don’t forget the milk!

Ode To The Humble Sandwich Recipe Collection

Ode To The Humble Sandwich

What began as the Earl of Sandwich wanting a meal on the go has turned into an international passion for the humble sandwich. No matter how you stack them, sandwiches are a quick & easy way to turn your favorite bread and toppings into a scrumptious dish.

A Celebration of National Dessert Month Recipe Collection

A Celebration Of National Dessert Month

Looking for new and creative ideas for a simple yet tasty dessert course, give these recipes a go. Each and everyone is delicious and sure to satisfy your sweetthooth.

Stuffing - A National Celebration  Recipe Collection

Stuffing - A National Celebration

Let's admit it everyone loves stuffing. It is a timeless classic and in this recipe collection I explore some of the regional variations. Feel free to to try one or two this holiday season.

A Global Celebration Of Chicken Recipe Collection

A Global Celebration Of Chicken

Of all the delicious proteins you can choose for your meals, chicken may be one of the most economical. It can be prepared in just about any way imaginable and is a favorite in most global cuisines. For a delightful detour from your usual meals, try some or all these easy & tasty chicken recipes.

A Celebration of Bourbon Recipe Collection

A Celebration Of Bourbon

We have Kentucky thank for creating bourbon. When early distillers aged fiery corn liquor in charred oak barrels, the result was a warm, mellow spirit that is appreciated around the world. Bourbon is not just for delightful cocktails! Try these easy recipes that infuse the smoky, complex flavor nuances of bourbon into the meat, soup, vinaigrettes or tempting chocolate desserts.

7 Creative Biscuit Ideas Recipe Collection

7 Creative Biscuit Ideas

Biscuits are an American classic that are instantly familiar, comforting, and delicious! These quick bread wonders are breakfast staples, especially in the South. Their tender, flaky goodness is ideal for melted butter or for sopping creamy gravy or tasty sauces. Elevate them with additional ingredients to create different flavors for any meal, such as the cheddar-thyme biscuits or chicken & biscuit pot pie.

Innovative Mushroom Recipes Recipe Collection

Innovative Mushroom Recipes

Beefy mushrooms are a satisfying way to add earthy flavor nuances and meaty texture to dishes without meat. Consider this delicious menu that features mushrooms as a key ingredient. They bring earthy flavor nuances to the recipes and are a healthy way to introduce your family to international cuisines.

Hot & Spicy Favorites Recipe Collection

Hot & Spicy Favorites

To celebrate National Hot & Spicy Day on August 19th, try this delicious menu that is packed with spicy flavor. Feel free to adjust the spices and heat to your family’s preference. Finish your feast with a cool and refreshing tropical syllabub!

National Panini Month Recipe Collection

National Panini Month

A panini press is an invaluable tool for creating mouthwatering grilled sandwiches. Panini ingredients are only limited to your culinary imagination. Try some of my elevated panini recipes for your family. They are quick, easy, and bursting with international flavors. Serve them with a fresh salad or homemade soup. If you don’t have a panini press, preheat a large cast-iron skillet and a smaller one over medium-high heat. Transfer 1 panini to large skillet and place small skillet on top. Grill the panini until bottom is golden brown, about 2 minutes. Flip the panini on other side, top with small skillet, and grill for another 2 minutes. Couldn’t be any easier or more delicious.

National Hot Dog Month Recipe Collection

National Hot Dog Month

Discover how delicious grilled brats, dogs, and sausages can be with internationally-inspired flavors. Try some of these exciting recipes for National Hot Dog Month.

National Deli Salad Month Recipe Collection

National Deli Salad Month

Remember all those scrumptious deli salads that were present at picnics and barbecues from your childhood? Taste the nostalgia with these updated classics. They are delicious as a side, and you can serve leftovers for a light lunch or yummy snack. Try some this July for National Deli Salad Month!

National Eat Your Vegetables Day Recipe Collection

National Eat Your Vegetables Day

Are you trying to get your family to eat more vegetables? National Eat Your Vegetables Day is June 17, and is an excellent opportunity to sample tasty veggie dishes. They can accompany meat, or be a scrumptious side dish. Your kids will love the Chocolate Muffin recipe, and will not even notice spinach as the secret ingredient! 

National Salad Month Recipe Collection

National Salad Month

While salads were initially a mixture of greens and chopped veggies, anything goes in modern salads. They can be a refreshing appetizer course, or have enough hearty ingredients to make a meal. Most cultures have unique salad recipes, served with a flavorful dressing with herbs and spices. The beauty of salads is that you can use any ingredient on hand to create a new dish. Here are some innovative salad recipes and dressings to try.

National Hamburger Month Recipe Collection

National Hamburger Month

Hamburgers are one of the most beloved sandwiches in America and have their own category in our cuisine. These delicious meat patties have also inspired our literature, art, and music. Everyone has their opinion on what toppings make the “perfect burger.” Although classic burger recipes use ground beef, innovative cooks from around the world put their own spin on the sandwich. Now, burger enthusiasts may find sensational recipes featuring different meats, savory spices, and globally-inspired toppings. Some of these recipes share new cooking techniques, as well as tasty vegetarian/vegan-friendly options. Why try some for National Hamburger Month?

Great American Meatout Recipe Collection

Great American Meatout

The Great American Meatout is celebrated the 20th of March every year. Meat free dishes need not be bland or boring, try these dishes today and be pleasantly surprised.

Homemade Salad Dressings Recipe Collection

Homemade Salad Dressings

The supermarket seems to be exploding with salad dressing selections these days, and it can be hard to know what to choose. Some may sound good, but they also cost a pretty penny and often contain sugar or chemical sweeteners that you just don't need. Why not make your own homemade salad dressings, many of which can be quickly whipped up with ingredients you probably already have in the house? A simple olive oil and mustard dressing gives the salad a tangy little kick, while a Middle Eastern salad dressing adds levels of exotic flavor. A balsamic marinade and salad dressing is a classic, as is a homemade Caesar dressing.

Homemade Mayonnaise and Aioli Recipe Collection

Homemade Mayonnaise And Aioli

Mayonnaise may be a simple ingredient – it is easy to pick up at the store to always have on hand. But making your own mayonnaise offers several benefits. For starters, you know you are making the mayonnaise with good ingredients and not those with a bunch of chemical preservatives or added sugar. Additionally, you can save yourself a few dollars on organic mayonnaise when you make it at home. However, the best part of making homemade mayonnaise and aioli are the many variations you can come up with. You can make flavorful condiments that cater to personal tastes – such as garlic aioli for garlic lovers, ginger and sriracha aioli for those who like a little kick, and even homemade tartar sauce for seafood fans to enjoy with their favorite dishes!