My Favorite Recipes

These recipes are a collection of my favorite recipes featured in the CHEFBear app. Each of them has been curated and thoroughly tested so they are guaranteed to be both simple and delicious. These recipes are like having me in kitchen as your sous chef. These recipes a great way to find your next ideal recipe and at the same time expand both your food knowledge and palate.

My Favorite Pork Recipes

Find a new family favorite with innovative pork recipes from CHEFBear. Each of the dishes available from this app and website have been carefully curated and tested for quality. Guaranteed to simultaneously be delicious and simple to make, the dishes found at CHEFBear provide the opportunity for home chefs to expand their food knowledge and repertoire.

Recipe For Glazed Kielbasa

Glazed Kielbasa

In this gorgeous recipe, the kielbasa is glazed with a succulent combination of brown sugar, white wine, mustard, and parsley. Try this over a bed of buttered noodles, sprinkled with fresh parsley.

Recipe For Red Beans And Rice

Red Beans And Rice

This hearty, earthy and absolutely soothing red beans and rice features a flavorful and healthy combination of red beans, bacon, and spices, tomatoes, bell pepper, chicken broth, and celery. This dish would be fantastic on its own or paired with fried okra.

Recipe For Onion and Bacon Tart

Onion and Bacon Tart

You will love how simple this delicious onion and bacon tart is to make. This recipe is nearly foolproof. To make a complete meal pair with a simple green salad, dressed with a basic olive oil & vinegar dressing and a side of crusty yeast rolls.

Recipe For Pork And Peppers

Pork And Peppers

A tangy pan sauce made with orange juice, honey, soy sauce, ginger, and cornstarch converts the simple pork meat into a succulent Pork and Peppers stir fry. Try this recipe to make special & fast weeknight meals for your family.

Recipe For Red Beans And Sausage Stew

Red Beans And Sausage Stew

This savory and hearty bean stew features a complex blend of 3 different types sausage, vegetables, and herbs and spices. This dish should remind you of classic red beans & rice, with the flavor volume turned way up. This is a great recipe for a simple Sunday family supper.

Recipe For Greek Yogurt Carbonara

Greek Yogurt Carbonara

Greek yogurt is an interesting additional to a traditional carbonara. The yogurt adds a creamy richness that pairs with rich and savory flavors of the guanciale and cheeses. While not 100% traditional – think of this dish as a cross between a carbonara and a quick alfredo. You are going to love it.

Recipe For Pork Scaloppine With Sun-Dried Tomatoes And Rosemary

Pork Scaloppine With Sun-Dried Tomatoes And Rosemary

This scaloppine recipe is a healthy alternative, to the traditional version which is typically pan-fried in loads of butter or fat. This dish features a savory sauce that features chicken stock, white wine, and sun-dried tomatoes. Pair with sautéed broccoli and a side of al dente pasta.

Recipe For Eggs Benedict

Eggs Benedict

Ditch the old egg scramble recipe and try this delicious eggs benedict for the breakfast. The best part is the hollandaise sauce which is poured on top of the poached eggs. And when this combination is served with crispy bacon and English muffin, it becomes irresistible. Try getting the freshest eggs you can for the best results.

Recipe For On The Go Breakfast Eggs

On The Go Breakfast Eggs

Try this easy to cook, eat and transport breakfast. These baked egg muffins are full of protein- rich ham, savory vegetables and cheese. Feel free to switch up the meats and vegetables for whatever you might have on hand. Almost any yummy combination will work!

Recipe For Bacon BBQ Dogs

Bacon BBQ Dogs

Here is a twist to your simple hot dog and one you’ll want to make from here on out. Change it up by adding crunchy bacon, lettuce, shredded cheddar cheese, and my savory & tangy barbecue sauce.

Recipe For Five Spice Crockpot Pork Ribs

Five Spice Crockpot Pork Ribs

This easy and tasty five spice ribs are one of our most popular crockpot dinner ideas. A simple vinegar marinade prepares the ribs for a complex spice mixture of garlic, tamari, and Chinese 5-Spice powder. This is a complete set and forget about it dinner, that is ready for almost no effort.

Recipe For Pork Chops With Apple Glaze

Pork Chops With Apple Glaze

Pork chops and apples are a classic pairing. This recipe features succulent pork chops that have been marinated in a brine of apple cider and savory-sweet spices. They are covered with a creamy sauce of tart Granny Smith apples, raisins, mustard, ginger, and a splash of brandy. Pair this delicious meat recipe with a simple potato or rice side dish.

Recipe For Quiche Lorraine

Quiche Lorraine

Bacon, Swiss cheese and onions mingle in perfect harmony amidst the eggs and cream in this timeless classic. My quick & easy version is perfect for breakfast, brunch, or any time you want a comforting egg dish!

Recipe For Hawaiian Ham and Swiss Sliders

Hawaiian Ham and Swiss Sliders

Take a trip to the islands with this quick and delicious Restaurant-like Hawaiian slider recipe. Made with deli honey ham, these sliders are served on Hawaiian sweet dinner rolls with a hint of mayonnaise, Dijon, onion powder, Worcestershire sauce and topped with Swiss cheese slice.

Recipe For Baked Pork Tenderloin

Baked Pork Tenderloin

This festive, yet incredibly simple baked pork tenderloin is sure to make your mouth water with its blended spice rub and juicy, tender center. Serve with roasted red skin potatoes and a simple green salad for a perfect meal.

Recipe For Cuban Sandwich

Cuban Sandwich

The beauty of the Cuban sandwiches is that they are so simple with no complicated ingredients. And the luscious taste these simple ingredients develop is making the Cuban sandwiches more and more famous all over. Rub the ham with 7 pot chili peppers and dried ghost peppers if you want to add the heat but they are delicious without the chilies as well. Serve with a heaty ale.

Recipe For Hoppin John

Hoppin John

Since black-eyed peas are believed to bring good luck each New Year, why not try my version of this soul food classic? The tender beans are seasoned with bacon, veggies and aromatic herbs & spices. Serve them over a mound of steam rice, add a side of seasoned collard greens, and you have the perfect Low Country dinner to enjoy any time of year!

Recipe For Ham Croquettes

Ham Croquettes

These melt-in-your-mouth Spanish croquettes have a creamy filling that leaves you wondering if you are eating ham flavored mashed potatoes or a ham and cheese blend. Whereas, you will be surprised to know it’s neither. These simple croquettes are made with flour, milk, butter and ham – flavored with onion and nutmeg. Serve with your favorite dipping sauce.

Recipe For Pelmeni


This is one of the most scrumptious Russian dumpling, called Pelmini, are stuffed with a mouthwatering blend of beef and pork. Although these are best with minced beef and pork together, you can use any ground meat available. You will also learn the art of making dumpling dough at home using a few simple pantry staples in this recipe.

Recipe For Amazing Ham And Cheese Sandwich

Amazing Ham And Cheese Sandwich

This recipe is more than just a ham and Swiss cheese sandwich, it is filled with a decadent cheese sauce, that is also easy to make. With a little dab of hearty mustard and your taste buds will be on sensory overload. This sandwich comes together in just under 30 minutes, and makes an easy and fast weeknight meal.

Recipe For Apricot–Ginger Glazed Ham

Apricot–Ginger Glazed Ham

Just imagine the faces of your family and guests when you present this gorgeous ham on a platter! For this recipe, semi-boneless ham is baked, then glazed with a succulent mixture of sweet apricot jam, ginger, vinegar, and a touch of brown sugar. After the ham is broiled with the glaze for about 20 minutes, it is browned to absolute perfection.

Recipe For Bigos


In Poland, bigos is a hunter’s stew including beef, veal, mushrooms and a hearty helping of sauerkraut. Some cooks add a few prunes or tomato paste. Traditionally, this is a slow- cooked recipe simmered for several hours, if not overnight. It is perfect for your slow cooker!

Recipe For Stewed Collard Greens

Stewed Collard Greens

Contemporary home cooks are discovering what Low-country cooks knew all along. Collard greens are delicious and healthy for you! They are a beloved staple on any country dinner table. In this recipe, the greens are stewed with sauteed garlic and onions, ham hocks and aromatic seasonings, with a just a touch of white wine. This dish is as easy as it is delicious.

Recipe For Apple Cider Smoked And Pulled Pork

Apple Cider Smoked And Pulled Pork

Do you want a plate of pulled pork that will have everyone coming back for more? In this easy recipe, we soak a pork shoulder in a marinade of cider and aromatic spices. After smoking it with hickory chips, the pork is fork-tender and has an unbelievable taste. Serve as a main course, or pile on a sandwich.

Recipe For Curried Peaches And Pork Chops

Curried Peaches And Pork Chops

If you enjoy savory pork dishes, you know how well fruit complements the complex flavors. Try my exciting recipe that pairs tender pork chops with a sweet and spicy peach curry. It is easy to make and would be perfect over a steaming plate of basmati rice.