My Best Kitchen Hacks & Tips

In this blog, I share my favorite food tips, tricks, and simple recipes. I have been cooking for most of my life, and over the last 20 years, I have developed a simple philosophy of smarter cooking built upon smart yet straightforward recipes, featuring fresh ingredients and global flavors cooked in an efficient yet straightforward manner. In every blog post, I will share tips, tricks and maybe a bit of food history centered around the idea of an easy and ultimately tasty recipe.

Blog For my favorite top 10 kitchen tips and tricks

My Favorite Top 10 Kitchen Tips And Tricks

Cooking can be a chore, with a positive attitude, some practice and my top 10 kitchen tips and tricks you can make it much easier and even learn to love it.

Blog For my favorite tips & tricks to a perfect mac & cheese

My Favorite Tips & Tricks To A Perfect Mac & Cheese

Everyone loves Mac & Cheese but not everyone knows how to make it homemade. Read this post and learn my favorite secrets to a perfect and lip-smacking plate of mac & cheese.

Blog For say goodbye to dry chicken, say hello to chicken thighs

Say Goodbye To Dry Chicken, Say Hello To Chicken Thighs

Quick and easy chicken thighs are a convenient way to get a tasty meal. Here are some great ideas!

Blog For my favorite condiment - a quick pickle

My Favorite Condiment - A Quick Pickle

If you're trying to find that special something to add a bit of "wow factor" to your sandwich and cheese plate, you need to look no farther than the humble pickle.

Blog For cheese and cocktails? what is a perfect pairing?

Cheese And Cocktails? What Is A Perfect Pairing?

Here you will learn about perfect pairings for cheese and cocktails, nuts and fruits. Also learn about pairing wine, cocktails and beer with recipes containing a variety of different cheeses.

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A Perfect Homemade Pretzel

Need some easy & delicious snack ideas? Wait until you try my yummy perfect homemade soft pretzel recipes! They bake warm, tender, and just the way you love them.

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How To Make A Perfect Blt Sandwich

For decades, the simple BLT has held an iconic spot on American diner menus. Let me show you how to elevate your Perfect BLT sandwich to new flavor heights with modern twists.

Blog For pantry essentials – a simple guide to items you should stock up in your pantry

Pantry Essentials – A Simple Guide To Items You Should Stock Up In Your Pantry

A well-stocked pantry can save your time and money. Let me share some of my best pantry essentials tips & tricks, from maximizing your space to choosing essential ingredients.

Blog For brining 101 - a complete guide

Brining 101 - A Complete Guide

For ultimately tender and flavorful meat, brining is an excellent choice. Let me show you how easy it is to brine beef brisket to create succulent corned beef!

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Secrets To A Great Homemade Pizza

Instead of ordering take-out for your next family pizza night, why not create a yummy pizza from scratch? From making your own pizza dough to preparing a flavorful sauce, you will be amazed at how easy pizza recipes can be! Here are some of my favorite tips & tricks for the ultimate homemade pizza.

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Chefbear's Must Have Pantry Essentials

A well-stocked pantry is an essential element to get dinner on the table quickly and save you money. Focus on these categories of staples and stock up on your family's favorites.